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About Us

Reliable Supplier of Fresh Fruits

Fruitable Fresh (M) Sdn Bhd was founded by Mr.Vincent Lee Chee Hong in 2004. He has set the rapid growing of the business of Fruitable Fresh.

We import fresh fruits and vegetables from worldwide, especially Europe, USA, Australia and distribute to major hypermarkets, supermarkets, wholesalers, retailers nationwide.

Quality Assurance

We are focused on excellence in quality and take pride in being one of the most advanced and innovative fresh produce companies in Malaysia. Our purchaser in search of the fresh fruits and vegetables with best quality to ensure all fresh produce arrives in its best form to customers.

Fresh Fruits

Depend on seasonality

China 28's Blush Premium Fuji Red Apples
Italy 24's Yello Apples
Italy 113's Pink Lady Red Apples
Us 80's Braeburn Red Apples
Us 80's Cameo Red Apples
Us 80's Crisp Pink Red Apples
Us 80's Fuji Red Apples
Us 80's Jonagold Red Apples
Us 80's Premium Red Del Apples
Us 80's Royal Gala Red apples
Nz 80's Koru Apples
Nz 80's Granny Smith Apples
Aust 48's Honey Murcott Mandarin
Aust Afourer mandarin
Aust Lime
Egypt 40's Freemont Mandarin
Egypt 88's Val Oranges
Sa 72's Midnight Seedless Oranges
Sa 88's Lemon
Sa Nova Orange.jpg
Us 20's Sunkist Cara Cara Oranges
Us 56's Sunkist Royal Flush Navel Oranges
Us 88's Sunkist Blossom Trail Navel Oranges
Us Sunkist 88's Moro Blood Oranges
42's China Crystal Pear
Aust 20's Nashi Pear
Aust 30's Red Anjou Pear
Aust 33's Corella Pear
Aust 53's Bosc Pear
Aust 53's Packham Pear
Aust King Sizes Paradise Pear
China 28's Fengsui Pear
Sa 45's Red Forella Pear
Sa 52's Packham Pear
Spain Candy Pear
Us Seckel Pear
Us 7.2kg Anthony Funny Finger Grapes
Us 8 pck x 908 gm Nicolo Purple Seedless
Aust 9.5 kg Sweet Sapphire Black Seedless
Aust Cotton Candy Grapes
Aust Sweet Nectar Red Seedless
Chile Sweeta Green Seedless
Us 8.6 kg Organic Summer Royal Grapes
Us 8.6 kg Sweet Sapphire Grapes
Korea 2 kg Kyoho Grapes
Korea 2 kg Shine Muscat King Green Seedless
Us 16 pck x 454 gm Champagne Grapes
Us Organic Stella Bella Green Seedless Grapes
Aust 6's Honey Dew Melon
Aust 7's Rockmelon
Aust 8's Golden Sweet Melon
Aust 8's Rockmelon
Aust 11's De sapo Melon
Brazil 15 kg Cantalope Melon
Brazil Galia Melon 5 kg
Brazil Honey Yellow Melon 10 kg
China 5's Hamimelon
Korea 5's Musk Melon
Korea Yellow Melon
Spain Honey Dew Melon
Agr Red Cherry (5kg)
Aust Fortuner Strawberries (15x250gm)
Aust Lapin Red Cherry (2kg)
Columbia Golden Gooseberries (12x100gm)
Korea Strawberry (8x250gm)
Spain Bluberry (12x125gm)
Us California Coral Red Cherry (5kg)
Us California Grande Blueberries (12x125gm)
Us Driscoll Blackberrie (12x170gm)
Us Driscoll Golden Raspberrie (12x170gm)
Us Driscoll Raspberrie 12 pck x 170 gm
Us Driscoll's Strawberrie (12x250gm)
Aust 6's Custard Apples
Aust 9's R2E2 Mangoes
Aust 25's Shepard Avocado
Aust 54's Jiro Persimmon
Aust 90's Sweetheart Passion Fruit
Aust Achacha (5kg)
Brazil 24 pcs Figs
Spain Apricot 10x500gm
Spain Donut Peach
Spain Peach 10x500gm
Us 14's Snow giant White Peaches
Us 48's Flavorellas Apricot
Us 48's Fresh Red Apricot
Us 60's Tulare Giant Sugar Plum
Us Cherry Plum

* Pre order basis          * MOQ requirement

Aust 10 kg Parsnip
Aust 10 pck x 300 gm Rainbow Radish
Aust 12 kg Celery
Aust 12's Butternut Pumpkin
Aust 25 pck x 250 gm Baby Beetroot
Aust 40 pck x 500 gm Carrot
Aust Baby Spinach 16 pck x 100 gm
Aust Broccoli 8 kg
Aust Broccolini
Aust Cauliflower
Aust Leeks Bulk
Aust Vine Sweet Cap (12 pck x 175 gm)

Environment Care Facilities

We installed the MIATECH units to provide a better environment for our cold rooms.

MIATECH Bio Turbo technology is an ethylene gas removal and airborne pathogen killing system. It eliminates ethylene gas successfully preventing premature ripening and decay. It removes 99.9% of bacteria and airborne pathogens harmful to our perishables. Furthermore, MIATECH Bio Turbo causes produce to have a better appearance and freshness longer. Now we have managed to keep the quality of produces at a very high level.

Packaging Machines and Cold Transportation

To maintain good service and delivering quality products to our customers, we have 19 cold trucks to cater for delivery in Northern, Central and Southern region of Malaysia.


AtFruitable Fresh, we believe our employees are our greatest asset and recognize our responsibility to develop and maintain a positive work environment for all our employees. We also believe in TEAMWORK and we provide opportunities for every individual to learn, express and hone themselves to their fullest potential.

Our Clients

We have established good service and rapport with our valued customers.

Our Events & Photos

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Mercato D'Marketplace Event

Contact Us

If you have any questions about Fruitable Fresh Sdn Bhd, You are welcome to fill in the enquiry form. We will contact you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you may contact us at:

Fruitable Fresh (M) Sdn Bhd (644752-K)
No.5, Jln Sg.Batu 11/KU6, Kawasan Perindustrian
Sg.Puloh, 42100 Klang, Selangor D.E, West Malaysia.


Operation Hours :

  • Mon - Fri : 9am - 6pm
  • Sat : 9am - 1pm
  • Sun & P.Holiday : Closed
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